Fractured by Sydney Landon (ePUB)

By | December 29, 2014

Fractured by Sydney Landon

eBook Title: Fractured

Author: Lucian & Lia #2

Series: Sydney Landon

Format: ePUB

ISBN: 9781310171895

Desire brought them together; tragedy may tear them apart…

Lucian and Lia attempt to deal with the aftermath of the violent attack on her by her stepfather. As events unfold in their lives, Lia finds that she can no longer be patient with the man that she loves, because his secrets are tearing them apart.

Lucian cannot deny the fact that he’s fallen in love with the brave and beautiful woman who has lived a life of horror. He wants nothing more than to protect her, but soon realizes that he may be the person who will hurt her the most.

To be together, they’ll have to fight demons from their pasts that threaten to tear them apart.

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Fractured (Lucian & Lia #2) by Sydney Landon