Off Season by Sawyer Bennett (ePUB)

By | December 20, 2014

Off Season by Sawyer Bennett

eBook Title: Off Season

Author: Sawyer Bennett

Series: Off #6

Format: ePUB

Publisher: Big Dog Books, LLC

What happens when a one-night stand turns into a long distance friendship, and yet both yearn for more?

Cady Dunne decided to roll the dice when she jumped into bed with sexy, professional hockey player, Zane Kavanaugh. It was supposed to be a one-night stand and then it was supposed to be over.

After returning home to Dublin, Cady in a million years never imagined Zane would reach out to her. It was beyond comprehension to Zane that he would actually develop a close relationship with the Irish beauty forged over countless emails, texts and phone calls.

But when feelings get deeper and they are both ready to take the next step, how do they get past the fact that there is an ocean separating their lives?

Maybe all they really need is a Christmas miracle…

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Off Season (Off #6) by Sawyer Bennett